Centerline Attends 37th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

Jan 30, 2019 | News

The 37th Annual JPMorgan Healthcare Conference was held in San Francisco January 7th to 10th. Every year this event temporarily transforms Union Square and San Francisco’s surrounding areas as it brings in thousands of industry execs, entrepreneurs, and investors. I was delighted to join this the energetic community along with our CTO Vikash Goel, as well as Centerline Board member and Cleveland Clinic Innovations’ General Manager of Business Development, Jim Zalar.

We participated in several functions and meetings with ecosystem partners and service providers, and enjoyed participating in the discussion at Cleveland Clinic’s Healthcare Innovation Workshop.

I was struck by the many corporate incubators and accelerators being created by our ecosystem partners. WL Gore and Siemens both introduced new Digital Health accelerator initiatives.

The theme for the Conference for our team was Digital Health and the emergence of AI as a vision that is being realized throughout the Healthcare sector. For me, the biggest takeaway is that there is a really big opportunity for our technology to make an impact today and tomorrow.